wwwi.imgur.com/gpLOinG.jpg European Map of Stereotypes

We have been publishing maps of stereotypes many times and from different perspectives. We are all curious about our neighbours opinions - and so these maps are being created all the time.

This one is particularly detailed and even represents regions. There are some very controversial aspects in this graphic - please, don't take it seriously, it doesn't bear any political connotation.

What struck us most of all is that according to the map you can find drunk Brits practically in every corner of Europe! Seems that British people are pretty notorious for their affection to alcohol all around Europe. So where did the image of the English Gentleman disappear? How can this change be explained?

Would you add something to this map?

Does the image of your countrymen in the past differ from your modern fellow citizens?

Do Brits really drink so much?!

Share your opinion with us!