SOR Solicitors The European Patent office received 265,690 European Patent Filings from Europe and abroad last year.

Protecting intellectual property has become a key aspect in the modern business world. In any innovative business where first of a kind products are being developed and brought to market, patents become critical to the success or failure of the product. This infographic is a look at what the world of patents look like in the European context. 

This is not a ‘how to guide’ to filing patents, which you can get from the European Patent Office, but rather an overview of the biggest players in the market in 2013, the companies leading the way, the origin of where the first named patentee comes from, the countries that produce the most inventions and statistics on patents filed and granted within the remit of the European Patent Office.

The source for the statistics cited in this infographic is from the European Patent Office Annual Report 2013 and European Patent Office Facts and Figures 2014 Document. The applications for patents are on the rise, up 2.8 % on the previous year. There were 265,690 European Patent Filings in 2013, the largest number of patent filings to date. On average, 1 in 4 patents were granted. Interestingly the majority of the leaders in the field and those most successful in getting European patents were actually from outside Europe. Non-European countries of origin included the USA and Japan.

Large enterprises make up almost 2 in 3 applications for patents and the Swiss are Europe’s most inventive nation per million inhabitants. Samsung leads the way as the company with the most European patent filings at 2,833 in 2013 alone. Medical technology is the top category for technical fields filing European Patents, however computer technology and transport are the fastest growing. Interestingly, almost 1 in 3 patents were revoked after being granted. 

Many thanks to James Sherwood of SOR Solicitors for designing this infographic and offering it to OneEurope!