Credit to Global Peace Index

Safety represents today a big issue for every person even if you are a local, traveler or a business person. Your life, your adventures, your actions will not be enjoyed neither mise en place if you don't feel safe. Paris, Istanbul, Bruxelles represent deserved attractions of each traveler and home cities for millions of people, but everybody remembers the terrorism attacks in the last months. 

The 2016 Global Peace Index measured the safety and peacefulness in each country by including in its study factors like terrorism impact, political instability and perception of criminality

The top 10 of the safest countries

10. Slovenia - 1.408
9. Japan - 1.395
8. Canada - 1.388
7. Switzerland - 1.370
6. Czech Republic - 1.360
5. Portugal - 1.356
4. New Zealand - 1.287
3. Austria - 1.278
2. Denmark - 1.246
1. Iceland - 1.192 

Iceland was found to be the safest country in the world for a 6 year in a row. The United States are not closed to top 10, its place is situated in the 103rd. 

The most dangerous countries are represented by Syria, South Sudan and Iraq

Check here for an interactive map 

Does your country tackle any issues in terms of safety? 

Which actions can maximise the safety of each human being?