This list of countries where students spend more hours for homework has been made by Statista (

According to this infographic‬ 15-year-old ‪‎Italian‬ students are leading, with 9 hours on their homework‬ per week!

Italy‬ is followed by Ireland‬, where teenagers spend more than 7 hours per week on homework, and ‪‎Poland‬ where they spend over 6 hours.

Paradoxically, Italy invests less in ‪‎education‬ than many other countries, while Finland‬, which invests more than all other ‪‎European‬ countries, is at the end of this list.

How could you explain this big difference between European Union ‬members?

Do you think there is any relation between money invested in education and hours spent for homework by students?

Do you think students need so many hours for homework?