Religion in people's everyday life

This infographic was made on the basis of a survey meant to determine the importance of religion in people's everyday life.

The factors considered were, frequency of regular religious services attendance, frequency of prayers, participation in religious activities,  visits to the church (any house of worship) during childhood, existence of religious objects in the home and so on.

The study concluded that in 36 out of 56 surveyed countries religion is 'very or rather important' to the majority of its people,  regardless of the type of faith they believe in. 

The numbers differ a lot from one region to another, with 100% of Jordanians and Egyptians considering religion very important in their life, while only 20% having the same answer in Japan and China!

What surprises you about this Infographic?

Do you think it is correct about your country?

What's the role of religion in Europe in the 21st century?

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