This infographic about the Greek Referendum has been made by The Huffington Post
Tomorrow is a very important day for the future of ‪‎Greece‬, for the future ‪of Europe‬ and perhaps most of all, for the cultural and socio-economic cohesion of our continent. For the first time, a European Union‬-member state decided to let its citizens choose if they agree with the ‪Troika‬'s plan. Many Greeks and other ‪Europeans‬ are afraid that things could worsen in the future. 

This ‪‎infographic‬ shows a possible scenario that could develop from tomorrow. 

What do you think about this referendum

Do you think ‪Greek People‬ should vote for yes (Nai) or no (Oxi)?

Do you think Greece should remain in the ‪Euro‬zone or not?