This map shows the energy dependence of all EU member states

On the 22nd of July the first meeting of the Commission of Industry, Research and Energy of the European Parliament took place, in which the crucial importance of energy security was stressed.

The European Union imports more than 53% of its energy, heavily depending on Russia, which is the main provider with a third of the oil, 39% of gas and 26% of solid fuels.

In order to ensure greater energy security, the EU is seeking to diversify both sources of energy and suppliers, reducing energy consumption and increasing cooperation between countries and investments in renewable energy sources.

This infographic shows that, in terms of energy dependence, Denmark and Estonia are the most independent countries, while Lithuania, Cyprus, Italy, Luxembourg and Ireland are the most dependant ones.

Are you surprised by these statistics?
Do you know the real percentage of imported energy in your country?
Do you think the EU is working hard enough to increase renewable energy? If not, what should be done?Do you know which is the most suitable renewable energy?