The aim of this infographic is to explain the Human Rights in Europe: Where Do they come from and Who is Protected?

The European Court of Human Rights was founded in 1959 and it represents an international court made up of 47 judges (one from each country) that ensures the rights established by the European Convention on Human Rights.

The European Convention of Human Rights was drafted in 1950 and was in force starting 1953. An international treaty signed by 47 countries which protects the rights and freedoms of over 820 million people.

The Life of a European Court Case

Bringing a Case - Anyone can bring a case to the court - 700,000 cases have been brought so far

The Initial Sift - Around 85% of cases get struck out by a judge

Going to a Full Judgment -  The cases that make it through are then decided on by a panel of judges

Why It Matters to have a European Court of Human Rights?

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