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Andrus ANSIP, European Commission Vice-President for the Digital Single Market, says that:

"The vast majority of Europeans are going online. Citizens want to access online content. We need to make it easier from them. A Digital Single Market can give them wider access, help businesses innovate and grow, and boost trust in online services like e-government or banking. The European Commission will help make it."

How DIGITAL is the EU in 2015?

The European Commission published new data which explains how digital the EU is in 2015, taking in consideration five key factors like:

  • Broadband Activity: availability, quality, speed
  • Human Capital: Internet users, Basic digital skills, ICT specialists, STEM Graduates
  • Internet Use: Content, Communication, Transactions
  • Technological Integration: Digitation of businesses, Utilisation of e-commerce
  • Digital Public Services: eGovernment, eHealth

81% of households have internet access and 65% of individuals use the Internet every day, or almost every day, in the EU.

How DIGITAL is Your Country?