According to Global Peace Index, Russia ranks 131st out of 140 countries in peace. This was prior to the Ukrainian Crisis.

"The first casualty of war is truth" - This famous saying could not be more accurate for the ongoing Ukrainian crisis.

Although Civil Society, NGOs and independent media, have been gradually repressed in recent years in Russia, the speed of this development has increased tremendously, since the start of the occupation of Ukraine.

Here are just some of the developments in the recent weeks:

- Yesterday, the Russian President Vladimir Putin, called the internet a "CIA project", which apparently continues to develop as such.

- Yesterday, it was announced that a law will soon take effect in Russia, which will force everyone who has over 3000 followers on Twitter to register. (This would also soon apply to OneEurope.)

- Yesterday, the Head of Russia Today tweeted: "Ukraine R.I.P." Perhaps she knows something that most of us don't?

- The founder of "Russia's Facebook" VKontakte, Pavel Durov was recently forced to hand over the identities of all the followers of Euromaidan-related groups, and to close one down. He refused to do so.

- Following the above, Pavel Durov was forced to sell all his shares and leave the country. VKontakte is now owned entirely by Kremlin-related oligarchs.

- NGOs with any non-Russian sponsorship, donations, or funding of any kind, need to register as "foreign agents".

- Dmirty Kiselev, a Russian journalist who recently said on his TV show that "Russia is the only country in the world that is realistically capable of turning the United States into radioactive ash" among other nasty things about homosexuals, was only a few days later appointed as head of the main Russian news agency.

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