Swiss voters on Sunday narrowly backed proposals to reintroduce immigration quotas with the European Union. That pact on free movement of people, which came into force 12 years ago, was signed as part of a package of agreements with the EU, some of which could now be in danger of unraveling.

The European Commission in Brussels said in a statement that it would examine the implications for its relations with Switzerland, taking into account the position of the government, which had urged citizens to vote 'no'.

The EP President - Martin Schulz, declared “If Switzerland has to modify laws and to limit free movement also for EU citizens, then we have to react, discuss and perhaps negotiate the agreements".

In a nail-biting vote, 50.3 percent backed the "Stop mass immigration" initiative, which also won the required majority approval in more than half of Swiss cantons or regions, Swiss television said.

What implications will the result have on the EU - Swiss relationship?

How should EU react?

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