Eurostat Share of agriculture in the economy, gross value added at basic prices, by NUTS 2 regions, 2009

Let's be honest: Agriculture has for decades been one of the large topics for the EU. The French traditionally play a very big role in lobbying for subsidies and legislation aimed at protecting European farmers from the low prices of the world market, i.e. through the regulation of the market for sugar. 

One of the reasons for the British's historic "rebate" is that as a lot of the money each member state is paying to the EU is flowing back to these countries unequally - and a lot more to France's big agriculture sector than to Britain, and that Britain thus is in a structurally disadvantaged position.

Indeed, the common agricultural policy  has been worth the EU almost 50% of its budget in 2006. You are able to imagine to which degree this will have changed in the meantime.

This Eurostat map now visualizes the agricultural sector's share in the regional GDP.

Is it really accurate for the EU to put that high a priority on agriculture, especially in and after the current crisis?