This map portrays the amount of coverage which British media spends on each country in the world.

The research was made by Martin Scott of the University of East Anglia and it was originally published in The Guardian. The attached map, based on this research, was created by Benjamin Hennig.

It is quite revealing of the "distorted world views that we get from the printed media" and of "how British television viewers see the world according to the international coverage on the program"

A particularly interesting aspect is that "the Arab world is almost non existent, raising some questions about the flexibility of TV producers and their priorities outside the news programs."

The report says: 
"Given the recent dramatic political changes in the region, perhaps the most significant lack of coverage is for countries in North Africa and the Middle East.
Egypt and Tunisia did receive some coverage but Algeria, Bahrain, Lebanon, Libya, Saudi Arabia and Yemen were not the main focus of a single factual programme.

How can we make media more democratic? Is Social Media the future for direct information on world events, which are not distorted, or completely ignored by producers?