Romania is on fire, with continuous protests in all major cities for the last weeks, due to the criticised mining project of the Rosia Montana Gold Corporation in the Apuseni mountains, Transilvanya.

The project would be one of the biggest of its kind in the region, extracting gold and other pretious metalls using big amounts of cyanide. The harsh opposition comes not only from the green NGO's in Romania and worldwide, but also from the Geological Institute of Romania, which wrote an official letter to the parliament saying: "Integral cyanidation of the ore is excluded from the start as a technical solution". Which is actually what the corporation had in mind.

But the environment isn't the only problem. The way the contract was secretely negotiated years ago, signed, and the ease with which the Ministry of Environment in Romania gave the project a green light are all causing discontent amoung the citizens. Moreover, Ponta's(PM) reaction when protests began made people question the government's credibility and accuse it of lobbying for the corporation, instead of fighting for the national interests.

Should EU ban all the cyanide mining technologies?

How can we have more trasnparency in our governments? Should we have a "European Public Prosecutor " to watch over what our governments sign?