Victor Ponta

The DNA (National Anticorruption Directorate) prosecutors have put Victor Ponta, the Romanian PM, under criminal investigation. He is accused of forgery, money-laundering, conflict of interest and tax evasion.

The president of Romania and all political parties (except for his own) asked for his resignation but he refused. People from all over the country are preparing massive protests because of this "unprecedented situation" in the EU; No other EU leader has ever kept such a high political position after being officially accused and prosecuted for serious corruption acts.

The DNA statement also said that an investigation would continue into alleged conflict of interest during Ponta’s term as prime minister, for making his closest business associate a minister.

Are these kind of democratic deficiencies a problem for the EU as a whole?

How should the European Commission and the rest of the EU leaders respond when the judicial system and democratic values in a member state are at stake?

Sources: ReutersThe Guardian