Europe's ICT sector is rapidly growing, creating around 120.000 new jobs every year. But, due to a skills gap, there might be a lack of 825.000 skilled ICT workers in 2020

Google is investing 25 million euro to train over 2 million Europeans in gaining Digital Skills. 

Of the 7 million people working in the ICT sector in the EU, 30% are women. Only 4 out of 1000 female graduates in Europe have a degree in ICT and pursue a career in ICT. 

In Spain, the unemployed are offered free courses on various subjects: web development, digital marketing and e-commerce. 

In Germany, Google helps small businesses ship their products worldwide using digital tools. 

In France, SMEs growth is encouraged by digital trainings and partnering them with youth graduates. 

Which skills are most demanded in the workplace today? 

Which changes to education systems would benefit business?