Europe's Busiest Psychiatrists. This infographic has been made by Statista (
According to this infographic made by Statista , despite the stereotype of the happy disposition of the southern Europeans, the most busiest psychiatrist are in the South of Europe.

These statistics have been made after one year of research and the results show that the Portuguese psychiatrists had 294 patients and 2.94 percent of the country’s entire population received psychiatric treatment.

At the second place are the Spanish psychiatrists, who had 255 patients and 2.04 percent of the population received psychiatric treatment. Malta is the third country, with an average of 250 patients and 1% of the population receiving treatment. Romania and Slovenia close the top five.

What do you think could be the explanation of this issue?

Do you think there is any regional, socio-cultural or political explanation?

Do you think the economic crisis increased this issue?