When we hear someone talking about Europe, what do we really think about?

Geographically, Europe goes really long, bordering Iran through Azerbaijan and in north being divided from Asia by the Ural and Caucasus Mountains . On the other side, Turkey is also politically in Europe even though a little part of it is actually on "European soil", so we can say we border with Iraq as well. Not to mention that one of the most important European countries - Russia - goes as far as China and Japan.

On the same page, there are more and more people blending EU with Europe. Even on our page, many times it happened that an article about Europe as a whole created confusion among some of our followers, as they automatically though about the European Union.

Another example worth mentioning is Israel which is not by any means a European state, but still has a very strong connection with Europe, taking part in competitions like Eurovision and UEFA football championships.

So, when YOU say Europe, "which Europe" do you mean?