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Culinary map of Europe

The culinary map of Europe according to Greece

The culinary war goes on for ages in Europe... and we enjoy every second of it because it's delicious!

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"Mother" in European languages

How to say "Mother" in European languages

No matter how different it sounds, it has the same value! :)

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Japanese stereotypes of Europe

Japanese stereotypes of European countries

The data is based on Japanese Google autocomplete suggestions. What's your opinion? Are they accurate? :)

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US Presidential candidates

The next president of the USA

If the White House was a company and you were its owner, who would you hire to run it and why?

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Preparing for the Future

Europe's ICT sector is rapidly growing, creating around 120.000 new jobs every year. But, due to a skills gap, there might be a lack of 825.000 skilled ICT workers in …

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