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Europe by Rail

The European Commission had proposed to give free InterRail tickets to all young Europeans who are going to turn 18 years old. The InterRail pass is available to European residents …

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Number of guns per 100 inhabitants

Number of guns per inhabitant in Europe

What's your opinion on gun policy in Europe?

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Europe's Unemployed Graduates

Employment rates across Europe are fluctuating and the most affected persons represent the graduates from a tertiary education in the past three years. This chart was built according to the …

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The Safest Countries 2016

Safety represents today a big issue for every person even if you are a local, traveler or a business person. Your life, your adventures, your actions will not be enjoyed …

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Europe by 2022

How will Europe look like by 2022?

Ever wondered how thigs are gonna look like 5-10, even 20 years from now? Here's a wild (funny) guess!

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