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EU? NATO? or Both?

There are European countries which are in the EU, but not in NATO. There are also those which are in NATO, but not in the EU.

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Secessionist Movements Across the Continent

What would it mean for Europe, should any regional unit become independent?

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European Integration: Ask scientists how they do it?

Close International collaboration has been common in science long before the Euro. This picture shows the 13 most important research infrastructures in Europe according to PaNdata. Scientists from all over…

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Nuclear power plants in Europe.

The nuclear energy became very unpopular in Europe after the disaster that hit Japan last year, but at this moment a great part of our energetic needs is still based …

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Our Water Footprint

Enough Clean Water For All Of Us?

Already one in three humans has no access to clean water. Is this situation bound to worsen with a further growing global population? Would it be possible to distribute clean …

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