Remember that weekend in the beginning of March when OneEurope activist were giving free hugs in Brussels? We continue reporting about the first big meet-up of OneEuropeans and OneEurope's Crowdfunding campaign.

On the last day of our stay in Brussels the group of OneEuropeans visited European Parliament and Parlamentarium, The European Parliament Museum. We were lucky to have an insider guided tour - one of OneEurope writers, Protesilaos Stavrou works in the Parliament. Therefore we had a unique chance to witness the work and busy life of the Parliament from the inside. That was pretty exciting for OneEurope's team to walk through the rooms where the most important European decisions are being made.

The visit to the European Parliament was very inspirational for OneEuropeans - many of us admitted that now they have even stronger desire to raise the debate on the pages of OneEurope and promote European issues.

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*On the photo from left to right: Protesilaos Stavrou, Writer; Cherian Grundmann, Co-Founder; Nick Stone, Head of Marketing; Hanna Starchyk, Social Media Manager; Thomas Faßbender, Ambassador in the Netherlands; Santino Santinelli, Writer; Tom Wayne, Activist of JEF Aachen; Estela Lopez-Hermoso, Video-Editor; Ivan Botoucharov, Co-Founder; Claudio Santinelli, Web-Designer.