Dear OneEuropeans!

The OneEurope Crowdfunding campaign is almost over. It was a great month that gave OneEurope a lot of inspiration for future development. Today is the last day of the Campaign and you still can help us. Even if each of you donates 1-5 € it will be a great support for OneEurope! More than 5000 people are following OneEurope on Facebook, around 600 people on Google+ and 2000 on Twitter: if each gives 1€, the goal of 5000 will be reached in a day.

Every day OneEurope gives you new authentic materials. Behind it all there is a great team united by a common goal - build the Europe we all want to live in. Now it is YOUR time to act: with each Euro the dream of a new, modern, technically advanced and interactive OneEurope is getting closer. We have planned many exciting novelties for you in the future, but right now we need your help.

By supporting our Crowdfunding Campaign you are not just following OneEurope, you are OneEurope!