On May 24th 2014, the day of the EU Parliament elections, the ballots in Slovakia stood empty. “So far, only 60 people have come in.” a lady on the commission in one of my towns' polling station, informs me. The doors to the station have been open since seven in the morning. It was now half past four. 

Two days later, Slovakia hit the news: it has reached a record-breaking low election turnout– only 13% of all registered voters turned up - the lowest attendance in all of the EU. But with only 13 mandates in the EU Parliament, it is understandable why. Being a very small player on the European field, people naturally turn to securities beyond the empty promises of virtually unknown politicians: the freedom to travel and work abroad, as well as the Euro within their pocket.

Julián Péter is a photographer from Slovakia. Check out his blog for more great photography.