This infographic shows the military spending in some European countries.
This infographic shows the military spending in the EU from 2002 to 2012.

The most interesting thing is that, despite the economic crisis, many European countries increased their own military spending in that period of time.

For example France increased its budget by 24.5% in 2009, Spain by 51.6% in 2008, Greece by 51,3% in 2009, Portugal by 32,8% in 2010 and Cyprus by 52,2% in 2011.

The total EU expenditure in 2010 was € 194 billion, which is equaled to the total deficit of Italy, Greece and Spain together.

Do you think the European countries need to invest more money in the military?

How could you explain that those European countries which faced a stronger economic crisis are also the ones which spend more money on arms?

Do you know the appropriate budget spent in arms by your country this year?