GDP per capita in PPS (Purchasing Power Standards)

This is the most recent statistics on the EU-27 GDP (as well as a few other countries) from Eurostat.

What surprises you in this map? Are all states achieving the rates expected?
How can we improve the GDP in the EU, as well as in each state?

This statistics is specifically related to GDP per capita in PPS, which is:
"The volume index of GDP per capita in Purchasing Power Standards (PPS) is expressed in relation to the European Union (EU-27) average set to equal 100. If the index of a country is higher than 100, this country's level of GDP per head is higher than the EU average and vice versa."

Legend   Cases
  30.0 - 49.0 7
  49.0 - 67.0 7
  67.0 - 94.0 7
  94.0 - 119.0 7
  119.0 - 271.0 9