The different languages spoken in Europe
One of the biggest issues of European integration is the linguistic differences between people.

Although in the EU there are just 24 official languages, in reality there are many other recognised ones, which are just locally spoken, forming a total of about 100 different languages and dialects.

The biggest number of European languages come from the Indo-European Language Family, such as Germanics, Romanics, Slavics, Celtics, Baltics, Iranian, Greek, Albanian and Armenian.

However, there are also other linguistic group, such as Uralic, Caucasian, Semitic and Altaic.

Basque is a totally independent language, but some linguists believe it originated from Celtics or Uralic.

Did you know that in Europe there are so many spoken languages?

Do you think all these different languages could be an obstacle for the European integration?

Do you think the EU should preserve them, or it should stimulate the use of English as a common language?

How many different languages are spoken in your country?