European Parliament Journalists under attack

This month is full of important dates but this is one of the most crucial. May 3rd marked the World Press Freedom Day. Around the globe journalists are honored for their commitment to discover and report every day, by often putting their life at risk in order to keep the world informed.

Journalism is such an important profession which hugely contributes to a more open world and sustainable democracies.

In today's infographic, we notice that during last year, 66 journalists were killed, 119 kidnapped, 178 arrested and over 1800 attacked, or threatened. 

To find more information on the situation of the press in the world today, you can check the World Press Freedom Index by Reporters without Borders.

How is the situation in your country?

What can we do to improve Press Freedom?

Is Europe good enough in this respect?

Please share with us your views and comments.