European Union Agency for Fundamental Rights Violence against women in the European Union.

Is the European Union "safe" for women?

In some regions, violence against women is used as a war weapon: Boko Haram is the worst example of this horrific acts. Most of the time, we think that the European Union is a "safe" place for women, since we try our best regarding gender equality. However, even in countries like Sweden, where gender equality became as important as breathing, many women face domestic violence. It is actually even worse in these countries: the shame is the best ally of an attacker and it is very shameful to be a victim of something that is supposed to be « erased » from a country’s landscape. Therefore, many women do not report the crimes perpetrated against them and the guilt they feel gets incredibly paralyzing.

This infographic from the European Union Agency for Fundamental Rights shows how domestic violence persist in the European Union, but also that women are threatened everywhere: online, at home, at work, in public spaces.

How do you feel as a woman in your country? Have you ever felt threatened?
In your opinion, how should men get involved in this fight to stop violence against women?
Are they enough involved?

As a man, have you ever witnessed an act of violence against a woman?
Do you think men could do better or more to help women?