UNHRC 15 conflicts forcing people to flee their homes

20th of June is the World Refugee Day. It was established by the United Nations General Assembly  in 2000.

Here, in Europe, every day has been a refugee day for many months. Europe is the target destination for people escaping from war, violence, crisis and despair in their homelands. Europe is a symbol of security and stability for them.

Europe itself is taken aback - the countries were unprepared for the intensive flow of asylum seekers. Unfortunately, this became also a fruitful soil for right-wing populism. Movements like PEGIDA in Germany spread around the continent claiming that refugees are a potential danger and there is no place for them in Europe. At the same time countless opponents of these organisations took the streets under the mottoes "Refugees are Welcome" and "No Person is Illegal".

The infographic designed by UNHCR depicts 15 conflicts all around the world that are forcing people to flee from their homes. Many of those people are placed in refugee residences in Europe, many survive in refugee camps in Africa and the Middle East, many rest in peace in the Mediterranean Sea.

This is not solely their problem. This is YOUR problem too. Where will you go if there is a war at your door?

Europe is responsible for providing a decent living for the displaced persons, but its major responsibility is to end the the violence in vulnerable regions.

Should the EU intervene in the current military conflicts?

Do you think European countries can do more in order to help the refugees?

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