Unemployment is spread unevenly throughout Europe

Is Europe Working? 

That is a great question which every European government must answer. Here is an infographic that shows the unemployment rates in Europe

With the European Union average at 10.8%, the graphic clearly demonstrates which countries are most affected by the unemployment crisis. In the top left of the graph, Greece, Spain and Croatia are experiencing the highest levels of unemployment

There is a significant gap between these countries and those which have a comparatively low rate at the bottom right of the scale. For example, Austria and Germany have rates that are more than 20% lower than those of Greece and Spain. While unemployment is an issue facing the whole of the European Union, it is very clear that the problem is spread unevenly among Member States.  

What is your opinion about that?

Do you think that the measures which the European Governments are applying are enough?

Can we have a truly pan-European approach to tackling unemployment in Europe?