Map of the Turkish elections

In recent years Europe has experienced a number of surprising voting outcomes: 

- The rise of the right-wing parties in the European Parliamentary Elections 2014

Scotland's NO to independence (after expectations of a YES vote, days before the referendum)

SYRIZA's triumph in Greece

British General Elections raising the question of UK's membership in the EU

And then came the elections in Turkey!

Probably few expected a sudden power change in this candidate EU member state - the authority of Erdogan has been unbeatable so far.

Still the outcome of the elections turned out to be in its way sensational: The People's Democratic Party (HDP) hit the 10% threshold and made it to the Parliament! HDP is well-known for supporting the Kurdish minority in Turkey as well as for its liberal views on empowering women and the LGBT community.

Apart from this, the ruling party AKP didn't get the majority in the Parliament for the first time in 13 years. Now there is simply no majority in the Parliament and no coalition seems to be possible - so strong are the disagreements between the AKP and its rivals.

What will be the best solution for the Turkish Parliament in this situation?

What is the reason for such an outcome? Have people in Turkey stopped trusting Erdogan? Is Turkey seeking changes?

Which scenario will be most  beneficial for Turkey-EU Relations?

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