You know most of the names on this infographic from the history books. These people are associated with the most tragic periods of time in the XX-th century. Bloodshed, sufferings, decay and death - that what those people brought not only to their countries but also to other regions. Their victims are counted in the millions. They are the cruelest dictators of the XX-th century. 

While the crimes of Hitler and Stalin are very well-known for Europeans, it may come as a surprise that the founding father of the People's Republic of China Mao Zedong killed many more people than both of them combined during the 30 years of his rule.

In the XXI-st century not many changes have occurred: in numerous regions of the world every day people become victims of cruel regimes and militant groups. 

What can we, regular citizens, do in order to resist the regimes?

How can we support and help people in the misfortuned regions?

Who would you put on the list of the bloodiest dictators of modern days?

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