www.gallup.com The EU leadership from a global perspective

In its recent report Rating World Leaders: What People Worldwide Think of the U.S., China, Russia, the EU and Germany, American consulting company Gallup revealed public opinion on the major world powers. In the course of the research Gallup was asking people in 135* countries to rate these countries.

The leadership of the EU got the highest rating in Albania - 82%, followed by Senegal and Rwanda (72% and 70% respectively). Germany and Ireland close the top-5 with 69% and 67%.

The lowest ratings of the EU approval showed Russia, which doesn't come as a surprise taking into consideration the current geopolitical situation. Only 6% of Russians approved the leadership of the EU, and 4% - the leadership of the USA. Similar to the favourites list, the leader is followed by two non-European countries - Pakistan and Lebanon (61% each), and two EU-members - Greece and the UK (60% and 57%).

How would you explain the approval/disapproval of the EU leadership in non-European countries?

Considering the low result from the UK - may it be a hint for the threat of Brexit?

Please, have a look at the complete report here  and share with us your ideas about it.

*136 for the EU and China