www.knightfrank.co.uk Prime office rents in Europe

Many Europeans are having brilliant ideas and considering starting their own business. Still, discovering office rents prices may slow down their ambitions. 

British real estate consultancy Knight Frank  revealed in their Global Cities Index 2015  the office rent prices in major European cities. According to their infographic, the Top-3 the most expensive cities are London, Paris and Moscow. So if your bugdet is not limitless, you'd better search for some cheaper alternatives like Berlin, Prague or Budapest. Even better option you can find combined with mild southern climate - in Bucharest or Lisbon - which rents are the cheapest in the list.

As you may have already noticed, data about many European countries is missing. Would you be able to fill in some of the gaps?

What is to your opinion is the best place in Europe to start a business?

Do you have any experience as an entrepreneur? What other problems one may have apart from a high rent while launching a business?