Radio Free Europe/ Radio Liberty The statistics of respect to LGBT rights in Europe

Radio Liberty has recently published this infographic  based on the results of ILGA-Europe's Report on LGBT rights.

LGBT rights remain the issue which still devides Europe into East and West. As you can see on the infographic many countries of Eastern Europe, especially former Soviet ones, show very low scores in the respect of LGBT rights. The countries with strong religious traditions such as Poland and Italy, are also on their way to tolerance and gender equality.

Baltic countries surprised with low scores as well, which somehow doesn't fit into their general image of the most advanced new EU-members. How can you explain that?

On the top of the list you can find United Kingdom, Belgium and Malta, on the bottom - Azerbaijan, Russia and Armenia.

Are the results of the report surprising for you?

What can you say about the LGBT rights in your country? Do you agree with the score?

What is being done in your country in order to improve the situation with the LGBT rights?

Can an LGBT person feel safe and comfortable in your country?