www.visionofhumanity.org Global Peace Index 2015 - Europe

The Australian Institute for Economics and Peace recently published its annual Global Peace Index Report. According to the report the most peaceful countries are Iceland, Denmark, Austria, New Zealand and Switzerland. On the bottom of the list you can find Syria, Afghanistan and Iraq.

Numerous factors were taken into consideration while estimating the peace index, such as: violent crime, political terror, military expenditure, access to weapons, political instability and many others.

The level of peacefulness is represented on the map by colour - we are happy that Europe is almost completely green. However, we should not forget about our big red neighbour.

You can view the report also in the form of an interactive infographic where you can find the details about each country in particular.

Tell us, do you feel secure in your country? Do you feel secure in Europe?

Do we need more military expenses to be safer?

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