Infographic about the European Union Debt Crisis

1. The first map shows the Standard & Poor’s credit rating, as well as the state’s ratio of public debt to GDP for European countries.

2. The second graph underlines which countries are directly exposed to the risk of a Greek default. As is clear, France and Germany are the most exposed European countries; it’s also interesting to note the level of involvement of the US and Japan.

3. The third graph measures the participation of EU member states in the European Financial Stability Facility (EFSF) – which is the EU’s financial rescue mechanism. Once again, the Franco-German couple is at the forefront of the struggle with the largest contributions to the fund.

4. The fourth image shows how long-term interest rates of various individual EU member states and the UK have fluctuated over the past year. As is clear, Greek, Portuguese and Irish interest rates are much higher than average.

5. The last graphic shows the exchange rate of the EUR/USD and how it has been affected by some of the larger political and economic developments that have taken place in and around the Eurozone in the past two years.