This statistic about lethal drugs in Britain and in Wales has been made by Statista (

This ‪‎infographic‬ made by Statista ( shows that ‪‎smoking‬, ‪‎alcohol‬ and ‪‎prescription Pain Killers‬ cause more annual deaths than ‪cannabis‬.

Annually almost 80,000 people die because of diseases caused by ‪cigarette‬ smoke in ‪‎England‬ and ‪‎Wales‬, while more than 8,000 people die because of alcohol.

However, alcohol-related deaths don’t include indirect causes of deaths such as ‪Traffic Accidents‬ and ‪homicides‬.
For this reason, the number of deaths related to alcohol is higher than estimated.

Are there few deaths from cannabis, because it is illegal in many countries?

Did you expect a higher annual number of cannabis-related deaths?

What do you think is the situation in your country and in the rest of the ‪‎European Union‬?