Morten Riishuus/Insitute of Earth Sciences Jökulsá á Fjöllum river and its bridge.

In Iceland, the very famous river Jökulsá á Fjöllum is currently at the heart of many debates and concerns.

  1. It is frozen and the ice jam threatens the bridge you see in this astonishing picture.
  2. It might melt due to the lava of Bárðarbunga ‪‬ volcano (which could cause devastating floods).
  3. The Icelandic government wants to build hydraulic dams on the river which could dramatically damage Dettifoss’ falls, the most powerful falls of Europe, but also the river’s environment. 

Hydraulic power is commonly seen as a "clean, renewable" energy. However, in this case, it would destroy one of Iceland’s most precious landscapes and ecosystems. Icelandic nature’s fragile balance relies on very complex relations between ice and fire, water and wind. There are concerns regarding hydraulic power in Norway as well and recently in France with the Sivens project.

Should hydraulic power still be used and considered as a renewable energy? Or is it also destructive?
What are your expectations regarding the ucpoming COP21 in France this summer?

Picture credit: Morten Riishuus/Insitute of Earth Sciences.
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