Israel is suspected of committing war crimes in the Palestinian territory of Gaza. Close to 2,000 Palestinians have so far been killed, a majority of them civilians, while the Israelis have lost 64 soldiers and three civilians.

The UN Human Rights Council has appointed a three-member panel to investigate allegations that humanitarian law was violated in the Gaza Strip during the fighting, but Israel is highly unlikely to co-operate, on past precedent.

"Israel insists to conduct  their own investigations, but there are serious deficiencies as the tendency is NOT to take disciplinary or criminal actions against those involved in wrongdoings, and the inquiries are NOT transparent." - The Independent.

Meanwhile, anti-Israeli protests have been taking the streets all over the world, including Europe, while the western governments had no reaction towards the humanitarian crisis that is going on in Gaza. Also, more than 5000 Israelis protested last month at Rabin Square in central Tel Aviv against the war, under the banner "No more deaths"

What's your opinion on the subject? Is Israel respecting the international and UN laws?

How should EU and the European governements react?