How often does the UK win cases in the European Court of Human Rights. Source: RightsInfo

The European Court of Human Rights (ECHR) and its rulings against the United Kingdom are key issues that will undoubtedly be considered under the Brexit negotiations. Even thought the ECHR is not part of the European UnionCameron does not rule out exiting this agreement too in the aftermath of his referendum on EU membership.

The inforgraphic by RightsInfo corrects some misconceptions about the relationship between the ECHR and the UK. Contrary to some common beliefs, the ECHR does not protect terrorists and it does not rule against the UK most of the times. As seen from the infographic, the UK actually wins nearly all its cases at the ECHR.

Britain should remain a member of the EU and continue to support the European Court of Human Right and its international human rights commitments.

Infographic by RightsInfo