How much does it cost to keep Europe warm?

"The energy prices we pay are absolutely reasonable" - said probably no one ever. For us, citizens, energy costs take a sufficient part of our income, for the state - a part of social and economic policy. 

We are learning new ways to save energy, searching for more affordable providers, and getting used to the idea that our energy should be green. Although renewable energy seems to be quite a solution to a number of issues from environmental protection till energy prices, still it can't substitute the traditional sources yet.

The infographic above displays which services embrace your energy bill, as well as several interesting facts about energy costs and distribution in Europe

Please, share what is the situation with energy costs in your country like?

What percentage of the income goes for covering energy bills?

Are there any special for your region tips for energy saving?

How much are renewable energy resources developed in your country?

Picture: Generator Power UK