Digital Agenda for Europe Digital Economy & Society Index

While the Digital Single Market is still under negotiations and debates, here is the official digital economy and society index.

Northern Europe leads and the North-South gap is once again seen in this chart. Even on the digital side, the European Union has strong inequalities to deal with.

What are you suggestions as for a better balanced digital EU?

The main point of the Digital Single Market will be to prevent European Internet users from being blocked through geolocalisation by websites (such as online TV, for instance). This means that anyone from a European Union member state IP will be able to access any online content on any European Union member state website, without restrictions.

What do you think about it?

Did you know the European Commission created a website where you can share your experience regarding this geolocalisation issue?

Infographic credits: courtesy of Digital Agenda for Europe, all copyrights are theirs.