OneEurope is proud to have partnered up with End Ecocide in Europe in the fight to protect our fragile nature.

As this infographic shows, mankind has a massive impact on nature,  which is why we support the campaign to make Ecocide a crime in order to protect our future.

We support the "European Citizens Initiative" created by End Ecocide, which calls for making ecocide a crime in cases where ecocide is :

  • Committed on EU territory
  • Committed by EU citizens
  • Committed by EU registered companies, even when operating outside the EU; or
  • The import of goods and services resulting from activities causing ecocide into the EU; or
  • The financing by EU banks and other financial institutions of activities causing ecocide, no matter where these activities take place

If you go to End Ecocide in Europe's website, you can help us in our goal of getting 1 million votes and voices to call for making Ecocide a crime.

OneEurope will be focussing on Ecocide and its consequences during this week on facebook and Twitter. So follow us here and in Twitter, and add your thoughts about Ecocide and how we can fight it.