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World Aids Day was first marked in 1987 and since then every year the World Health Organization together with other UN Agencies organize many awareness campaigns.

According to UNAIDS, 8 countries accounted for 57% of new HIV infections during 2013. One of the biggest concerns is to prevent the infection. In our days there are anti-retroviral therapies available to each infected person, but they are very expensive and not always available.

Did you know that an HIV positive person can have a very normal life once medicine is provided?

Social behavior and the stigma associated with aids negatively affect the prevention health system in many countries.
The figures provided in reports always reflect the number of the reported cases and not the real status. As a principle these figures are multiplied by two at least.

Have you ever done the HIV test? If not, this is a good moment to do it because many people are unaware they are carrying the virus and it can stay for 5 to 10 years in the incubation phase. A good check-up interval is once in two years.

Do you know what the statistics are for your country? Do you know of any preventive measures taken against AIDS?