Statista 10 out of 15 cities with the most millionaires are in Europe

The latest report from Oxfam states clearly that in 2016 1% of the global population will own more than the total of the 99% left. We can only wonder "where are the millionaires?"

Here is a map showing which cities have the most millionaires worldwide in 2014. The top three are all European (Monaco, Zurich, Geneva) and Frankfurt is 5th. The only non-European city in the top 5 is New York.

While the European Union is still struggling with the Eurocrisis that started a few years ago, it is in Europe that we find the highest density of millionaires (total of 10 cities in this top 15).

Do you think this is beneficial for the European Union?

What do you think about Switzerland's position regarding tax laws and the European Union? Should they help the European Union by avoiding "tax tourism"? 

Should the European Union reconsider its tax policies?