One of the problems with the countries in the Caucasus region is the lack of appurtenance. For ages, Georgia, Armenia and Azerbaijan were the buffer zone between the mighty Russian and Ottoman empires. And on top of that, the feeling of being "in between" is also enhanced by the fact that these countries are right at the transition from East to West, from Asia to Europe.

As teritorial disputes of this region are always current, along with the animosities with the neighboring countries - especially Turkey, safety is probably the thing that they miss the most. And the possibility that EU might "once" open its arms to its Eastern partners might not keep them waiting on our doors forever.

Therefore, just few months ago Armenia signed a joint statement with Russia, confirming its decision to join the Customs Union and readiness to participate in the formation of the Russian sponsored Eurasian Union (EAU). This news came as a surprise since Armenia had been recently negotiating for an association and customs pact with EU.

But who's to blame in the end? While EU seemed such an "impossible dream", wasn't Russia the next best thing to turn to?

Will Georgia and Azerbaijan follow? How can we keep our fellow Eastern Europeans safe without actually allowing them to join the Union?