Deskwanted Global Coworking Census 2013

A coworking space is a shared workplace, where freelancers and auto-entrepreneurs can share their competences, but first and foremost, they can work in an office instead of staying at home. Therefore, the community and networking aspects are very important.

The first coworking space was created in 1995 though it did not have the same meaning and goal as it has nowadays. The first modern-style coworking space was created in San Francisco in 2005. The concept became extremely popular globally in 2006.

This infographic shows that in 2013, Europe is where we can find the most coworking spaces in the world, with no less than 1160 spaces. This is an amazing growth, since in 2011, The USA were the leaders with 531 official coworking spaces (source: Global Coworking Survey), while there were only 467 in Europe.

Are you a coworker?

If you are, what are the benefits of coworking?

If are not, would you be tempted to cowork in the future?