SOR Solicitors The European Patent Office received hundreds of thousands of European Patent Filings last year, however most of them came from outside of Europe.

There were 265,690 European Patent Filings in 2013, the largest number of patent filings in Europe to date! 

The most inventive nations pro rata were Switzerland, Sweden, Finland, the Netherlands, Denmark and Germany.

The Swiss broke the records by filing over twice as many patent applications than any other European nation.

It is very interesting to note that the USA is actually the country from which the most European Patent Filings came and Japan is in third place. In total 2 out of 3 patent filings came from outside of Europe!

Should the EU and our nation-states focus more on encouraging creativity and entrepreneurship?

Many thanks to James Sherwood of SOR Solicitors for designing this infographic and offering it to OneEurope!